Flights to Montenegro

Flights from Russia to Montenegro

Flights to Montenegro

To relax in Montenegro in the summer, Russians do not need to worry about getting a visa. It is enough only to buy plane tickets, book accommodation and go on a journey. In this article we will talk about flights to Montenegro from Russia.


General information

The distance between Moscow and Podgorica is 1991 km. Tivat is located in 2013 km from our capital. Direct flight from Moscow to any of Montenegrin cities takes about 3 hours and 10 minutes. The exact time depends on the carrier. The fastest flights are observed at Montenegro Airlines. In Montenegro, you can fly either a regular or charter flight.

Tickets for regular flights are purchased independently on the official portals of airlines, aggregator sites and at ticket offices. On aggregator sites like Aviasales and Skyscanner, you can find dozens of offers from different airlines and choose the best option.

Direct flights from Russia to Montenegro and vice versa are carried out by the following airlines: Aeroflot, Pobeda, S7 Airlines, Red Wings, Montenegro Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and Air Serbia. These airlines have reasonable prices.

Flights from Russia to Montenegro

Foreign carriers like Adria Airways, Air France, Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines and Czech Airlines are overpriced. In particular, this applies to flights during the period from June to August, when the maximum number of tourists arrives in Montenegro.

Charter flights are organized on the orders of tour operators. They are performed by Yamal, NordStar and Orenburg airlines. To get on a charter flight, you need to purchase a tourist permit, which includes accommodation in the hotel.



All flights to Montenegro from Moscow are sent either from Domodedovo or from Sheremetyevo. Vnukovo Airport does not serve aircraft that are sent to this European country.

In Montenegro, there are 2 international airports, to which all flights from Russia come. One of them is in Tivat, the second in Podgorica.

Tivat airport is located in a couple of kilometers from the city of the same name. From it you can easily reach the resorts of Kotor and Budva.

 Airports in Montenegro

In high season, Tivat airport is open 24 hours a day. In October, he switches to a reduced regime. The peculiarity of this airport is its small takeoff and landing strip, because of which it does not serve large aircraft.

Podgorica Airport is located near the eponymous capital of the country. It comes to those who are going to rest in the Bar or Ultsin Riviera. This airport is located not far from the main historical cities of the country, and therefore is perfect for quick acquaintance with Montenegro and its culture.

 Airports of Podgorica

The capital airport accepts domestic and international flights around the clock. Its new terminal serves about 1 million passengers a year.


Chip flights

To buy a ticket to Montenegro at the lowest possible price can be about 7 months before the proposed departure. Early booking allows you to save up to 17% of the average ticket price. Buying an air ticket two months before the trip, you save 6%.

Then the price starts to increase gradually. Tourists who buy air tickets for flights to Tivat or Podgorica several days before departure or on the day of departure are forced to pay at times.

The price largely depends on the time you travel. The average cost of a round trip in August is 18,000 rubles. In December, January and February, it drops to 10,000 rubles.

However, the trip to Montenegro in the winter does not make much sense: excursions in low season are not held, the air temperature drops below zero, the water in the sea is not suitable for swimming. In addition, for a trip to this European country in the period from October to April, a visa is required.

If you want to economically fly to Tivat or Podgorica in high season, you should pay attention to the beginning of May or the second half of September. Round-trip tickets with a flight in May can be purchased for 13,000 rubles, in September - for 11,000 rubles.

Cost of tickets to Montenegro

In order to save money, you can go to the Montenegrin resort as part of the tour. The cost of any tourist permit includes not only the flight and accommodation in the hotel, but also a transfer.

Sometimes airlines start up cheap air tickets from Moscow to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, which is located near Montenegro. You can get there from Montenegro Bar by train. Every day Belgrade sends flights to Tivat and Podgorica.

Russians from the regions prefer to go to Montenegro from Moscow. Tickets to Montenegrin resorts from the capital of our country are the cheapest. Sometimes on sale there are budget air tickets with a flight from St. Petersburg. From small towns, flights to Montenegro are not sent at all.

The Russian company Aeroflot regularly arranges the sale of air tickets to Montenegro. It is important to understand that their number in this direction is extremely limited.