Eco-friendly holiday in Montenegro

Eco-friendly holiday in Montenegro - nature, lakes, sea and forests

Eco-friendly holiday in Montenegro

Eco-friendly recreation

Montenegro is rightly considered one of the best tourist destinations for organizing eco-friendly recreation. The country is generously endowed with nature. Here come people who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the megalopolises. They are attracted by untouched forests, lakes with the purest water, picturesque mountain landscapes, the diversity of the world of animals and plants.

In the primeval forests of Montenegro there are trees that live for hundreds of years. The height of some trees reaches 50 meters, and their trunks are so powerful that no one is able to wrap their arms around them. One of these forests is located near Berane - a pretty town that has long become a popular tourist destination in the country. A trip to the national park, where the most ancient forest on the European continent is located, allows tourists to find themselves in an amazing place for the modern city dweller. In the highland forest the air is fresh and clean. Here you can meet linden, juniper, fir, beech, maple, pine - more than 80 tree species are represented.

Nature in Montenegro

The influx of foreign tourists contributes to the development of Berane. In the city there are opportunities for different types of recreation, there are excellent hotels, restaurants, architectural attractions. But its main advantage is its proximity to the luxurious nature. Among visitors, the karst cave, in which there are well-preserved drawings of prehistoric people, is very popular.

Among the unique natural sites is Lake Pieszica. A beautiful legend is associated with this picturesque reservoir, surrounded by mountain peaks and verdant slopes. It is believed that every night a white-winged horse circling over the water surface of the lake, which at dusk comes from the depths of Pieszczyna. And it’s not at all easy to believe, especially when you look at the lake, climbing to the top of the mountain. White clouds passing by are literally fascinating.

Gastronomic holiday in Montenegro Rest in Montenegro is always associated with pleasant gastronomic adventures. Find for a gourmet can be any dish made by local chefs. Montenegrin chefs cook even pizza, which is considered an Italian dish, in a special way. Adding dried meat makes the taste of pizza unforgettable. The hamburgers, lasagna and spaghetti are prepared using a unique recipe. No one can name all these dishes unrelated to Montenegro.

From the national dishes a lot of dishes made from vegetables, fish and meat. One of them - chicken and lamb, baked on a skewer. This exceptionally tasty meat dish is prepared using unusual technology. A cleaned and salted chicken is placed in a previously prepared lamb carcass, then the meat is baked on a skewer. Such meat is an ideal snack to Montenegrin grape vodka.