Undeniable advantages of immigration to Montenegro

Undeniable advantages of immigration to Montenegro

Undeniable advantages of immigration to Montenegro

Once again about moving to Montenegro


Montenegro is an excellent option for those who want to live near the sea. This amazing country is not yet in the EU, which makes it one of the few available options on the map of Europe. The process of immigration looks fairly simple. You can get a residence permit by opening your company, buying real estate or entering the university for study.

 Immigration to Montenegro with the help of businessThe opening of the firm is the most accessible and widely used method of immigration. Most newcomers do not engage in any business in Montenegro, but live on account of freelancing or the surrender of real estate. The firm is the reason to stay in the country legally. Here it will only be necessary to pay the minimum taxes and the monthly salary of the Montenegrin accountant only monthly. There are no state requirements for firms. The minimum authorized capital is 1 euro. That is, the price of immigration to Montenegro is much lower than the cost of moving to other popular coastal countries.

 In Montenegro, a stunning climate that can be considered the best in Europe. The ecological situation is also very, very favorable. On the shelves of shops and markets you will always find an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood. Although the price of food is not always lower than Russian, there are simply no low-quality oils or cheeses in the country's shops, so after a move you are guaranteed a more healthy diet.

 The abundance of natural beauty and paradise beaches are combined here with an abundance of sights, historical buildings, Orthodox churches and monasteries. Cozy bays, incredible nature reserves, small towns among the mountains make life look like paradise.

Beauty in Montenegro

 The Serbian language is understood almost immediately, and it is very easy to speak it. This is another big plus. Montenegrins are a sincere people. They will gladly talk with an unfamiliar person, even if he speaks Serbian very clumsily. Among the Montenegrins there are no boors. Children here adore. In the street you will not see the mother, spanking and calling the child. In kindergartens and schools, small children are also treated with warmth.

 The country has a very low crime rate. It is almost impossible to meet a drunken company.
 A large number of Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian immigrants allows you to quickly find friends and create a familiar environment for communication.

Business in Montenegro - from office to freelance Montenegro allows you to organize yourself a lifestyle that you want. You can both habitually go to work in the office, and live as a resort, earning a freelance or renting real estate.

 If you still want to do business, then in the country there are many unoccupied or relatively unoccupied niches. The authorities do not prevent immigrants from doing business. Taxes, if compared with other European countries, are not high here.

 The probability of issuing a residence permit is 100%. If you comply with all the requirements, you can not be afraid of the refusal of immigration authorities.

 There are fewer stereotypes and convictions in Montenegro. Therefore, you will find a place in the country, even if you do not fit into the generally accepted templates.