By car in Serbia

Route of travel around Serbia by car

By car in Serbia

Serbia is a neighbor of Montenegro and an interesting European country, for which Russians do not need a visa. That is why many travelers, vacationers on the Adriatic coast, decide to visit it for inspection. Below we will talk about all the nuances of traveling by car in Serbia.



Belgrade is the main city of Serbia, where you can get to know the history and culture of the people of this country in as much detail as possible. It is advisable to allocate at least a few days to inspect the capital.

This is enough to visit the fortress of Kalemegdan, the Belgrade Fortress and the Cathedral of St. Sava. In the capital there is a museum named after Nikola Tesla - the national pride of the Serbs. To imbue with the atmosphere of the city, it is worth taking a stroll along Prince Mikhailov Street, which has already turned into a "local Arbat".

From Belgrade you can go to the south of Serbia, to the ancient town of Nis. It is silent and calm, it is filled with ancient monuments of architecture and interesting historical places.

As an alternative to the south you can go to the north of the country, to the city of Novi Sad. In another way it is called "Serbian Athens". The city is built up with medieval castles, it has several museums, there is a well-known nature reserve.

There is no sea in Serbia, but this does not mean that you can not buy in this country. There are several thermal springs at the Vrnjacka Banya resort. In a young town, Prolom Banya is treated for skin and gynecological diseases. Both places are great for recreation.

Thermal springs in Serbia 


Entry into the country

Although Russian citizens can visit Serbia without a visa, they need to register to stay in a foreign country. This is done at the nearest police station within 24 hours after entry.

If the foreigner stops at the hotel, all the troubles associated with the registration are taken over by the administration. It is better to remind the employee in advance of the need to conduct this procedure.

After registration, the foreigner is issued "beli cardboard". This document may be needed when leaving the country, so it must be saved.

Most drivers leave Montenegro for Serbia on a rented car. In order not to have problems with the local police, it is important to take care of the availability of a "green card" - international insurance. You should also take with you on the road a notarized power of attorney for the car issued when you lease it.



In Serbia, there are paid and free roads. Go to paid road signs green, to free - blue. The state of free roads in this country leaves much to be desired.

The fee is not for entry, but for the distance traveled. For example, a trip from Belgrade to Subotica by car costs 6 euros, to the city of Nis - 7 euros.

Points of payment are located directly at the road. The fee is paid either by card or cash. It is advisable to have small bills with you, large ones in Serbia are not welcome.

Roads and parking in Serbia 


Parking places

For services of parking on weekdays in Serbia you need to pay. From Saturday lunchtime until Sunday evening, all parking areas in the country are free of charge.

The cost of parking is indicated directly on the parking lot. To pay for the service, it is most convenient to use a parking card, which can be purchased at a local kiosk.

Payment is also accepted through the parking machine or cash to the parking employee. A violation of the rules of the parking zone will be charged a fine of 40 euros.


Traffic Laws

In most of the settlements of Serbia, it is inadmissible to drive at speeds above 50 km / h, the maximum limit of 120 km / h should not be exceeded on the motorway. Sometimes the signs provide otherwise.

For overtaking, only the left row is used. The driver who violates this rule is fined for 50 euros.

Conversations on a mobile phone are allowed only if you have a Handsfree device. For non-compliance with this rule, a fine of 40 euros is issued.

Dipped-beam headlamps must be kept on both day and night. The minimum penalty for non-compliance is EUR 50.

All car passengers must be fastened with seat belts. Children under 12 years can only sit in the backseat.

All fines are paid at the bank branch or at the post office. To pay the sanction to the driver is given 8 days. Payment is made on the receipt, which the policeman writes out.

Road traffic in Serbia