How and where to rent a car in Montenegro?

How and where to rent a car in Montenegro?

How and where to rent a car in Montenegro?

Montenegro AttractionsMontenegro is a beautiful state located on the south-eastern part of the European continent. The name given to the country was due to the amazing and unsurpassed color of its dark green forests. Montenegro is famous for its wide range of attractions, a lot of entertainment and excellent hospitality. In this country is very profitable to make travel, the prices here are particularly attractive. Time can be spent, both culturally and fun.

A large number of tourist attractions require special attention so absolutely all tourists come to Montenegro to relax, prefer to view them. To see at least some of the popular ones, you will need to go on excursions. Accordingly, excursions require a separate payment, which becomes the reason for refusing to view them. Naturally, if you want to fully relax in this wonderful country, you simply have to find a way and view all kinds of sights, and we will help you to do it!

If you take a trip at the rate of three people, then it is cheaper to rent a car. If you rent a car, then you will not be limited to your travels. After excursions are carried out on a certain route.


To rent a car in Montenegro, which documents do you need to take with you?


Naturally, to rent a car in Montenegro, you will need to take a list of documents with you. The Internet has a lot of resources, where the list of documents is located, which is strange everywhere. Therefore, we have prepared an accurate list of documentation.

To rent a car in Montenegro you will need:

  • Rent a car for holidays in MontenegroPassport of Tursita to which the execution of the vehicle will be executed (in any case, it is necessary for you in Montenegro);
  • The driver's age should be from 21 to 23 years (and preferably a driving experience of a couple of years);
  • A plastic card with the right amount of money for a deposit (you can pay in cash if the money is not on the card);
  • Driver's license;
  • International law is not obligatory, car rent is made without them.
  • As you can see, to get a car in Montenegro for travel and excursions during your holiday, you will need a little documentation. But, the impressions received will be enough!


5 reasons to rent a car in Montenegro

  • 1. Montenegro is a beautiful and beautiful country, which is filled with amazing and diverse sights. By renting an inexpensive means of transport, you will be able to independently reach all interesting places;
  • 2. Roads in the country of normal quality, which allows you to move comfortably;
  • 3. You will be able to make your own journey at a comfortable pace for you, and do not follow someone else's schedule;
  • 4. The cost of fuel in this state is lower than in other European countries;
  • 5. Renting a car is usually more profitable at a price than individual excursions.
Car rentals EN - 750*450

Where to rent a car in Montenegro?


In the country, both international and local rental organizations operate. In connection with the prevalence of the Internet, there are two options for renting.

  • Rent a car from a special organization;
  • Rent a car through the Internet.

Let's look at all the available options, and choose the most suitable one.


International Rolling Houses in Montenegro


Many tourists come to Montenegro, due to this they have different rental companies. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a rental organization, and to rent a good car for an inexpensive fee, we will consider all the nuances of this process.

Demanded and popular international companies in Montenegro:Rental car for your holiday in Montenegro

  • Hertz;
  • Europcar;
  • Sixt;
  • Avis.

Accordingly, to look at all the suitable options, and compare all available prices will take a long time. In order not to waste it, it is better to use a meta-search tool. This program in an automated mode will pick up an impeccable offer for the specified criteria, and compare the cost completely for all distributors. As a result, the system will find the lowest prices.


Popular metrosearch engines for renting a car in Montenegro


Prices often vary, and sometimes it happens that they are much higher in companies than in the local population. We collected a few requested resources, where you can view available cars and prices for them.


Sites where you can book a vehicle in Montenegro and its subsequent lease:


1. - the largest international site in which to search for cars for rent. You can use it only in Montenegro. Advantages of use: assembled all the known distributors.

Cons of use: franchise and large liens;

2. RentacarFor me - a site in which the most diverse cars are collected in Montenegro. Pros of application: a wide assortment of cars, many all sorts of options and a car can be found in any city of the country;

3. SitnGo me - from the site it is possible to book a car in advance at the Montenegrin rolled SitnGo. Advantages of use: the car is issued without a deposit and prepayment. Cons: deliver the car only to the airport, and to Budva.


Local distributors in Montenegro


Rent a car in Montenegro
In Montenegro, there are a lot of distributors that are local. More than the local distributors have only the next intermediaries, who want to get winded interest from the same car.

The mediators take a car from a well-known local distributor, and rent it out to tourists. Naturally, winding up a large surcharge. A couple of years ago it was impossible to understand with the distributors and intermediaries. The cost and final machines in appearance - very different from the views. Tourists often left negative reviews about car rental and warned other people that intermediaries or companies are cheating.

Best time to book a car


Let's take a closer look, what better booking in advance or take a car on your arrival in Montenegro?

Most often, booking a car through Internet resources is much faster and more profitable than performing the procedure upon arrival.


Rent a carIf you book a car earlier, you can gain several undeniable advantages. For example, you will be able to fully consider and compare all the proposed rates from different companies. View the conditions of insurance, and carry out the order of the necessary additional accessories (child seat, navigator).

In advance, you can book a car with a delivery directly to the airport, which will save you time, and you do not have to book and pay for the transfer. Quite profitable and convenient service.

When there is a lot of season in Montenegro and there are a lot of tourists, the distributors try to make money on this, overestimating the cost. Accordingly, online on the site, they have to set the optimal prices to successfully compete with other distributors. Therefore, there are very low prices for reservations. You can find a great car at a price several times lower than you would lease it in the office of the company.

Favorable options are naturally quickly disassembled, and there remain some cars that other vacationers did not want to use. The advantage of booking in advance is that you do not need to spend a lot of time searching or comparing prices. Everything is done as quickly as possible using the system In addition, you will get guaranteed protection from intruders.

We have seen the benefits of online booking, let's look at what tourists get when they book on site.

Booking a car in the office has the following advantages:

  • Possibility to look at the machine yourself and make sure it is in a normal state and serviceability
  • If you're lucky, you can bargain with the distributors, and reduce the price.

Accordingly, only you choose when and how to book a car.


Cost for rental cars

The site has the easiest and most convenient search for car booking.

The search for free cars is fast, you just need to enter the following data:How to rent a car through the site?

  • In which city do you need a car?
  • For how long (correct date, for example, from 5 to 8);
  • Specify which gearbox you prefer.

In the advanced search, you will be able to set up all the parameters for a more accurate selection of the machine. After the search is performed you will be shown all available vehicles that are classified according to classification - compact, middle class, luxury and SUVs. It remains to just choose and finish the reservation.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the selection of cars, you can safely write to the owner of the system, which responds promptly.


How to rent a car at Tivat airport?


For tourists who travel on their own and come to Montenegro themselves, an excellent option will be renting a car directly at the airport.


The phased process of renting a car at the airport in Tivat:

  • You book a car you like;
  • After successful booking, you get a voucher in which you will find several numbers;
  • You make a call to the specified number;
  • Directly to the airport you will bring a car;
  • In the parking lot with the driver who brought the car you can sign a contract;
  • After signing the contract, the car for the specified number of days is at your disposal.

If the flight is delayed, the driver will wait for you. We recommend that you review the car before the contract is made and take a few photos or even a video. This will help you if there are any disputable situations, and you will not pay for other people's dents.


How to rent a rented car in Montenegro?

When the vacation is perfect, you will need to return the car to the rental company. Everything is done in the same way as you took the car. Bring her a parking lot where the driver will be waiting.

Rent and return delivery of the car is quick and does not cause difficulties. The prosecutors are interested in this, because they expect positive recommendations from you.


Practical recommendations for all tourists in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country with normal, but specific roads. All roads in the state are not broken, which is an advantage. Often there are very narrow areas that are not designed for two cars. Therefore, you have to constantly give in or give back, so that the cars can safely leave.

For driving on roads in Montenegro, the best option is a small car with a powerful engine. Take this car - and travel as fast and convenient.


Is it possible to cross the border of Montenegro on a rented car?

Where can you come by car to MontenegroMany tourists are attracted by the location of Montenegro, because it borders on several beautiful countries, namely:

  • Croatia;
  • Albania;
  • Bosnia;
  • Herzegovina.

Accordingly, it becomes interesting for tourists, as during the most beautiful holiday in Montenegro, to get into another country? In reality, everything is simple enough! You just need to issue a green card. When registering this document, be careful, and check whether the date is valid.

Directly in the contract itself must be one sentence written in the local language. This inscription will look like this: "Moze vozi van Crna Gora". Next to such an inscription is put a signature and an official seal. The phrase is translated as follows: the car can go abroad.


Where do I need a visa and where not?

If you received a green card, you will definitely want to cross the border of Montenegro and visit another place. Russian citizens, to get to Croatia, unfortunately, need a visa. If you have a multivisa, and you crossed any of the Schengen countries - you are lucky! Feel free to meet in Croatia. For other tourists, getting a visa to get to this country will be quite difficult.

Are you going to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Montenegro? Collect the necessary things and travel! You're lucky, you do not need a visa here.

If you want to visit Albania, please specify whether you need a visa. Rules in this country often change. In the high season you can go without a visa, and in winter you can not get permission to enter the country.


Rules of traffic rules, parking and gasoline in Montenegro

Traffic regulations in MontenegroThere are no serious differences from the Russian rules of traffic rules in Montenegro, but in order not to get into an unpleasant situation, let's consider the existing features.

Almost all parking spaces in the country are free. Parking the driver has the right wherever it is allowed by the rules of traffic rules.

There are in Montenegro and paid parking, the cost of which varies from the location and season of the year. The more tourists - the higher the price per hour. Payment for the parking space is made using a message or a parking machine. This is very convenient, and detailed instructions are under the sign.

If you consider, for example, one city - Budva, then you can pay parking only through a parking lot. You will need to put coins into the machine, based on how long you plan to leave the car. After payment, you will receive a check. The received check you need to leave on the glass, so that the controller, who will pass by saw it. In case you want to continue your hike, you will need to return and extend the parking time.

Attention! To all tourists, we strongly recommend observing the rules of parking. Naturally, the locals often do not observe them, but you are not in Russia. Therefore, treat with understanding the laws and rules of Montenegro.

If you did not pay for parking, or just forgot to renew it, the tow truck will quickly take away the car. After this procedure, you will be obliged to pay for parking and evacuation services (they are expensive here!).


Where to refill the car when the gasoline runs out?


Surprisingly, in Montenegro, low-quality gasoline is sold almost everywhere. If you are the first time in the country, and do not know the proven gas stations, take the car, which has no sensitivity to the fuel. It is best to ask the distributors where to make the refueling.

Advice! Returning the car to the distributor, check the amount of fuel in the tank, and return it with the same amount.


Real reviews about car rental in Montenegro


There are a lot of reviews about car rental in Montenegro, both good and not. Naturally, every tourist has his own opinion.

We selected the most popular and really useful reviews from all kinds of tourists:

  • The rental companies have high prices, so the service is an excellent alternative;
  • Many travelers recommend the service, and leave positive feedback from use;
  • Montenegro is a beautiful, beautiful and interesting country. Therefore, almost all tourists who have experience in car rental - remain satisfied;
    Navigator does not have to be rented. You have a modern smartphone that does a great job with this feature;
  • Montenegro has a lot of mountains, which increases the consumption of gasoline. Remember this when you calculate the budget for the excursion;
  • Take the car with powerful engines;
  • Experiences and excitement before the lease, which arise in many - not justified! Usually, the whole process is smooth and quick.