Bus schedule

Information about the schedule of Montenegrin buses

Bus schedule

Montenegro can easily travel by public transport, which is well developed in this country. Traveling on it is economical, convenient and extremely popular with locals and tourists. Below we present the actual bus schedule in Montenegro.


Regional transport

Montenegro is run by regional or local buses. Below we will tell you about the most popular routes, within which you can get acquainted with the main tourist places of this country.

If you live in a non-tourist zone, you will still be able to use the regional bus that goes to any Montenegrin town. Its timetable can be found at the bus stop or in the building of the local bus station.


Blue line

Regional bus Blue Line provides transport links between the resorts of Boko-Kotorska bay. He passes through Kotor, Dobrota, Lutu, Orahovac and all other cities in the region.

A trip from one end of the Boko-Kotor Bay to another takes an hour. The fare is 2.5 euros - an excellent price for self-guided tours of key Montenegrin resorts.

On weekdays, the bus departs from Kotor every hour from 6:15 am to 0:15 am. On weekends and holidays, the bus runs every 2 hours. On an odd clock, he leaves Kotor, on even odds - from Kostanitsa.

Montenegrin bus schedule 


Mediteran Express

On the Budva Riviera, the Mediteran Express buses run in two main directions: from Budva to Sveti Stefan and Petrovac.

The bus going along the first route stops in Becici, Rafailovici, Kamenevo, Przno, Milochere and near Sveti Stefan. One way takes 40 minutes. The trip costs only 1.5 euros.

From 6:00 to 8:00 buses go every half hour, from 8:00 to 22:00 - every 10 minutes, from 22:00 to 00:00 - with a 15-minute interval, starting at midnight - again every half hour. The last bus departs from Budva at 1:30, from Sveti Stefan - at 2:00.

The bus that goes from Budva to Petrovac almost exactly repeats the above route. The only difference is that its final station is not Sveti Stefan, but Podgorica. Before the arrival point, he makes a stop on the beach of Perazic Do.

The trip takes an hour, the cost of a bus ticket rises to 2 euros. From Budva, the bus leaves every hour, starting at 8:10 am. From Petrovac, the first flight departs at 9:10, the last one - at 0:10. The final flight from Budva is at 23:10.


Intercity and international transport

Intercity buses regularly run between Montenegrin cities, they can easily travel around the whole country. International destinations are sent only from large settlements to neighboring countries: Croatia, Albania, Bosnia.


Bus station

The larger and more solid city in Montenegro, the larger its bus station. For example, in Budva, it is a modern building with a turnstile, waiting room and an electronic scoreboard, in Sutomore - the usual stop, to which the transport sometimes arrives.

Rates for using the services of the bus station in Montenegro range from 0.5 to 1 euro. This amount is always automatically included in the ticket price. At the same time, even for using the toilet at the bus station, you have to pay separately.

Bus schedule in Montenegro 



The schedule of intercity and international buses can be found at https://busticket4.me/RU. It almost completely coincides with the schedule, which is displayed on the Montenegrin bus stations and on-line scoreboard. Differences arise only when the flight is canceled because of bus breakdown, adverse weather conditions and other unforeseen factors.

By the link above, you can not only see the schedule, but also purchase a ticket in the right direction. However, it is advisable to do this at the ticket office of the bus station just before the departure of the flight, since the schedule may actually change for unknown reasons.