Popular resorts in Montenegro

Popular resorts in Montenegro

Popular resorts in Montenegro

Modern Montenegro is a very young and strange country that gained its independence and sovereignty only in 2006. However, the territory of the state has been inhabited since ancient times and has a rich history, reflected in numerous monuments of architecture and national color. Also it is necessary to note the beautiful nature of the country, its mild climate and warm sea. For those who still think which resort of Montenegro to choose, our further recommendations.

Kotor and Bar

Interested in resorts in Montenegro with sandy beaches? Pay attention to one of the most popular - Kotor. Be sure to visit the bays of this city! The water temperature is about 22 ° C, which guarantees a pleasant time on the beach. Going to the city itself, enjoy the special atmosphere of Stari Grad, you will visit the medieval citadel and the Ducal Palace.

Kotor is popular resort in Montenegro

And in the resort town, called the Bar, you can rent a boat and go for a walk to Italy. Or you can not go anywhere, but just lie on one of the sandy beaches or on the beach, strewn with pebbles. The bay in which the city is located is rather shallow, so if you are interested in resorts in Montenegro for recreation with children, it is worth paying attention to this place. Separately it is worth mentioning the possibility of walking through olive groves (the age of one of the trees is more than 2 thousand years). Also, the bar will be of interest to diving enthusiasts, since underwater can be scanned for flooded ships.


Becici and Perast

Becici in MontenegroHaving set out to visit the popular resorts of Montenegro, plan a visit to Becici. Luxury hotels, expensive restaurants, brand shops, boat rental, yachts, as well as almost 2-kilometer sandy beach with sun loungers and umbrellas, turquoise Adriatic Sea - everything you need for a comfortable stay, you'll get in full in this city. Here you can jump with a parachute and ride a catamaran, meet a star of show business and go to the water park.

The city of Perast is an ideal place for a romantic getaway. There are a lot of old buildings in the Baroque style and almost no modern buildings, that is, the spirit of the Middle Ages in this city is especially felt - it is not for nothing that it is on UNESCO's list. Here there are two islands, adored by tourists: the island of St. George (the second name is the island of the Dead) and the only artificial island of the Adriatic, whose area is only 3 thousand m².

As you can see, there are a lot of resort towns in Montenegro. There is something to see, what to do, where to rest. Welcome!