Montenegro travel

We go on a trip to Montenegro

Montenegro travel

Montenegro is a country of steep black rocks, cut by picturesque river canyons. The land of bottomless lakes with clear water, landscaped beaches and relict coniferous forests. The country, which is called “the Queen of many faces”, the ancient buildings are adjacent to modern hotel complexes.


A Paradise for travelers

Montenegro in most European languages sounds like “Montenegro”, just entered the European arena as an independent state, separated from Serbia. This country has a population of about 660 thousand people. It has 300 km of luxurious sea coast, the sixth of which is pure sandy or shallow beaches, attractive for tourists. If you add to this one of the lowest prices in Europe, combined with beautiful environment, wonderful scenery and well-developed service-ideal for a holiday country.

 Sightseeing In Montenegro

For citizens of CIS

In Montenegro, it is difficult to feel like a foreigner: the local language is similar to Russian and more Ukrainian, and a pair of stacks of local plum vodka quickly erases language barriers. A cursory look at the local landscapes will give associations with Crimea, Croatia and Turkey. But a meticulous tourist, once in Montenegro, will understand that another such country on the world map can not be found. A mix of black rocks, cypress groves, turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea, mountain villages and ancient buildings in the Venetian style magnet attracts those who like to sunbathe on the background of the luxurious mountains and drink young wine with a view of the most winding fjord of the Mediterranean — the Bay of Kotor.

What you can not do in Montenegro — so it's all day to bask in the sun. Otherwise, you can skip all the fun! In addition to the clear sea (the bottom of some places can be seen up to 50-meter depth) and good beaches, in this country there is a lot of natural and historical attractions that are not seen which is equivalent to spit in the direction of the Eiffel tower in Paris.


For other tourists

The most popular beach resorts in Montenegro 2018 are:

  • 1. Herceg Nova-a popular resort in the South of the Adriatic, his second name — “Botanical garden of Montenegro”, which he received for the abundance and diversity of vegetation. The resort offers a holiday for all categories of tourists, it is suitable for a family holiday in Montenegro with children and those who want to improve their health.
  • 2. Budva is the main tourist center of the country. This place is perfect for lovers of active and fun — a great choice for youth holidays in Montenegro 2018.

Budva in Montenegro

  • 3. Bečići is a quiet and measured rest, more suitable for holidays in Montenegro with children. You have a wide choice — from hotels that provide everything you need, to fully equipped villas.
  • 4. Petrovac is a cozy town with a developed infrastructure. Located in a Bay on the coast, surrounded by mountains. Ideal for a family holiday in Montenegro or for a romantic holiday together. 

The main place for entertainment in the country is Budva, with its restaurants, discos and casinos. After a night of fun is to delve into the maze of the Old town and see the citadel, and then go to the beach of Sveti Stefan (where celebrities often relax), covered with fine dark pink pebbles. Don't miss the sight of the millennial town of Old Bar, dilapidated but very pretty. The underwater landscape in the local area is good for diving — not far from the shore flooded yacht Montenegrin King Nikolai, the Austro-Hungarian destroyer and German cruiser.

In the former capital of Montenegro, the town of Cetinje, you can wander through the sleepy streets, explore the monasteries and ancient palaces, and when tired — go to the most delicious place on the map of the country — the village of Negushi, where to drink wine, eat cheese and ham for many months ahead.

The main version of the origin of the word “Montenegro” is the most popular. It is believed that the name of the country was due to the picturesque local mountains, which are covered with such dense and impassable forests that seem black from afar. However, there is another, no less cheerful option: they say, once on the territory of Slavic Europe came southern tribes — dark, brown-eyed and dark-haired. They mixed with the indigenous population and formed a new nation — the “black Slavs”.

Whatever it was, rest in this small but indescribably beautiful country will be remembered for a long time, in some time of year, you have not gone on travel to Montenegro.Durmitor, Montenegro