Montenegro shopping guide - shops and boutiques


Shopping in Montenegro


Modern travelers quite often like to combine rest in the overseas countries with high-quality and picturesque shopping. Therefore planning a trip to a holiday it is necessary to learn as much as possible about the visited country. To study its cultural, historical and natural sights and also to be prepared for purchases of interesting and unusual mementoes.

Montenegro is a hospitable country with the surprising nature, the warm sea, soft climate and benevolent local population. Here it is possible to carry out unforgettable rest in beams of the warm sun and the tender azure sea. On a row with the delightful nature and the most interesting excursion program, the country will also present versatile shopping.

Of course, each tourist is interested in a certain segment of shopping. Women of fashion from around the world seek to buy a refined novelty at the beneficial price, and having come back home, to flaunt with new things on city streets. Young mummies, want to dress up younger generation in fashionable things. The local cuisine, is rich with the variety and refined dishes therefore gourmets get sweet and unusual gifts for the family. Fans of history buy souvenirs, national suits, handiwork and musical instruments. In Montenegro it is possible to buy favourably precious products, fur products and quality leather accessories.

Being on vacation, there is always a wish to buy something for memory. Each gift has to bring good mood and pleasant memories.

 Shopping in Montenegro

What can be bought in Montenegro?


Most shops and Montenegro begin the day of work not earlier 8-00 and finish around 21-00. Such schedule of work is most convenient for active life of the coming guests of the country.

Stations, the markets, shops and small booths at hotels dazzle with various souvenirs: cards, magnetics, cups, t-shirts and caskets. On souvenirs the most beautiful places and landscapes of the country are put. Various drawings are poured in the sun by all colors of the rainbow. Souvenirs in sea style will long remind about the warm sea, a sea breeze and sunny days. On streets of Old Bar, it is possible to find interesting and handmade unusual gifts in the souvenir shop.

Tiny book little shops get often albums, cards and avenues with picturesque mountain landscapes and gold beaches.



Gift for the real gourmet

Gift fro Montenegro

Smoked meat is prnut will become an irreplaceable gift for the real judge of overseas kitchen. In specialized meat departments, will offer you specialty meat. It has unusual sharp and very salty taste. Prnut - it is the pork made by a special way of smoking. It can be given thinly sliced.

Special delicacy consider cheeses here. There is a huge number of various grades of cheese which have the flavoring shades. The interesting taste will be presented by cheese combinations to honey and nuts. Montenegro honey has bright fragrant smack as it is made from collected nectar of mountain herbs.


Olives and olives are one from often the bought goods.

On the quality they concede nothing to the Spanish and Italian products. Fragrant olive oil, still make according to ancient recipes.

Simplest to resolve an issue with purchase of a "strong" gift. National strong drink – raki. It is moonshine which will pleasantly surprise the most spoiled buyer, the rich fruit ensemble. For judges of softer drinks, it is worth paying attention to dry wines and local grass tinctures.


Branded things at the affordable price in the town of Bars


Don't miss chance to get things from modern Italian collections. In the small port town of Bars, boutiques with branded Italian clothes are located. Ulica Vladimira Rolovica – the main street which is covered fashionable boutiques. Footwear, cosmetics and clothes of world trademarks arrives the ferry from Italy here. Italy was always considered as the legislator of fashionable tendencies. Here it is possible to buy everything, at rather low prices. The cost of things corresponds to a name of the famous designers. Dolce&Gabbanna and many other world fashion designers are very popular among shopaholics of a thing from Versace, Armani, Prada. In jewelry salons of Bar it is possible to buy jewelry from gold and silver inlaid with gemstones. Along with expensive luxury goods, it is possible to find qualitative and available things of little-known trademarks here. Besides branded dresses, products from Montenegro knitwear and quality eco leather are popular here. Bags, purses, suitcases, jackets, the vests and skirts made of qualitative substitute look not worse than the real skin at the same time, without conceding in durability. The main plus of such products is the budgetary price.


Presents from Montenegro


The capital of Montenegro – Podgorica


The capital of Montenegro is famous not only cultural and entertaining infrastructure, but also smart boutiques and shopping centers. To Podgorica there come fans of shopping to please themselves with trend new things. On Negoshev and Hertsegovau's central streets, you will always find clothes for every taste. Collections both for the real judges of fashion, and for the budgetary tourists are presented. Brands enjoy special popularity: Mango, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Women secret and many others. In the biggest shopping centers of the city - "Delta City" and "Palada" hundreds of various boutiques which will offer the wide range of necessary goods are concentrated.

Exactly here the huge choice of branded clothes, footwear, accessories, underwear and decorative cosmetics is presented. It is paradise for shopaholics. They for hours are ready to wander about shops in search of exclusive models. In breaks between fittings it is possible to have a rest in cozy cafes behind a cup of black fragrant coffee. Shopping centers of Podgorica are modern and comfortable Mega Malls. They include playgrounds, movie theaters, convenient parkings.

Shopping in Montenegro

All this comes to the help at hours-long marathons in a pursuit to do shopping. Besides shops huge mega, in Podgorica there is a pedestrian quarter, on the area of the Republic, with small cozy little shops. Here it is possible without hurrying to walk, far from vanity, on small boutiques. Pleasantly, enjoying in the sunny day, to have a rest sincerely in minibars and home-style cozy coffee houses. Near this street there is the whole handout by jewelry masters who with pleasure will present you the precious masterpieces.

On the coast is to steam of big shops with the wide range of products for children of different age. For fans of active recreation there are shops of sports equipment and clothes for active recreation.


Shopping in the town of Kotor


In a small town Kotor, waits for you fascinating day of shopping. In the mixed web of narrow small streets, small little shops are scattered. In search of the necessary boutique, you should overcome the real labyrinth. In the house 12 of a century the most ancient antique shop with a set of interesting and valuable exhibits is located. Souvenir shops of Kotor are filled with standard goods, but there are unique and handmade rare hand-made articles. Here it isn't obligatory to buy something! It is possible to combine, pleasant walk on ancient small streets and to admire masterpieces of masters.



Catch a discount!


Shopping in Montenegro

As well as around the world, in Montenegro shops there is a system of seasonal discounts and "night of shopping". Summer sales begin since August and continue month. Winter discounts need to begin to be caught at the end of January. Significantly fall to this "hot" period of the price. Special luckies can grasp goods at prime cost.

It is necessary to prepare for night sales in advance...

Having chosen the pleasant goods, specify about presence of the necessary size and color. At the time of approach of "magic night" you already awake the nobility that needs to be bought. In "night of shopping" boutiques are hospitably ready to open the doors from 20-00 till 00-00. In these night hours, the prices will pleasantly surprise! The discount for many goods makes from 50% to 70%.


Markets of Montenegro


There is a huge set of the wholesale and small markets. In the market days it is considered to be Friday and Saturday. Life these days begins at six in the morning. Here all local farmers gather and trade in environmentally friendly goods. The Mediterranean markets dazzle with variety of fruit, berries and vegetables. On trade counters you will find a wide choice of nuts and various dried fruits. Except fruit and berry ensemble in the markets it is possible to taste and, of course, to get the well-known Montenegro hard liquors: to slivoviyets, liqueurs, fragrant tinctures on nuts, mountain herbs and berries. And how it is possible to do without "highlight" of the Mediterranean – fragrant seasoning? There was a time when spices were appreciated worth its weight in gold. Seasonings help to diversify habitual food and to add juicy taste to each dish. As in any seaside city it is possible to buy various species of fresh and sun-dried sea fish here. Among tourists the little shop of Montefish with the range of seafood, best in Montenegro, is famous.

One more interesting goods are offered by Montenegro - it is color oils. What is it? These oils receive by means of additional insisting on petals of fragrant roses and fragrant curative herbs. Oils gain gentle aroma and special useful characteristics. Such gift moisturizes and napityvat necessary minerals the skin, leaving a pleasant flower loop. Any girl will be delighted with such lovely gift.

Shopping in Montenegro

Market ranks are hammered with various goods. If it is too expensive for you to shop in expensive and elite boutiques, then exactly here all goods have reasonable prices. Generally all presented range of the Chinese and Thai production. Among guests of the country textiles are especially appreciated. Serbian textiles are famous for the whole world. The cotton-mill produces high-quality material which serves faithfully for many years. Only in the markets of the city you will find national suits which bear in themselves Montenegro color. From year to year don't lose popularity, long bright skirts, scarfs from natural linen and a national headdress (cap). Decoration of a national women's clothing is the graceful belt. It is made of silver and decorated with semiprecious stones. Certainly, it is interesting and unusual gifts, but not really functional in everyday life.

If you appeared on vacation in Montenegro during a season of sales, it is necessary to seize surely the opportunity and to make several successful purchases. Here each tourist will be able to find for himself necessary goods and to leave home with successful purchase and good memories.