Montenegro reviews

Where to stay in Montenegro — the choice of hotel

Montenegro reviews

Montenegro is a country of amazing beauty, which Byron wrote about: “at the time of the birth of the planet Earth, the most beautiful of the meetings of the earth and the sea took place in Montenegro. When the seeds of nature were born, a handful fell on this land.” It seems that the high mountains covered with diverse vegetation, grow directly from the sea. Mountain ranges start at the shore and cover the whole country. At sunset, they seem black, so the country is named in Russian translation “Montenegro”. The residents of the Republic joke that if all the mountains of their small country level, its area will be equal to the area of Russia.


Montenegrin tourism

Montenegrin tourismFor a long time this country attracts fans of environmentally friendly and budget holiday. Many Europeans rest here constantly, enjoying the untouched beauty of nature, the country is rightly recognized as an ecological reserve of Europe. Its small territory miraculously fits high mountains, green valleys and meadows, emerald lakes and rivers, medieval cities with narrow streets and the blue sea.

Thanks to a lot of positive reviews, Montenegro is also interesting for lovers of winter recreation — in its ski resorts, in addition to skiing, tourists are waiting for Hiking to the glacial lakes, walking through the snow-capped canyons and much more.

If you want to enjoy the wonderful beaches, clean air, beautiful natural places, interesting excursions — go to the amazing country of the Black mountains, to the friendly and friendly people.


Features of hotels in Montenegro

What hotel to choose is up to you, focusing on your tastes, preferences and financial possibilities. All hotels in the country have the necessary conditions for living. Standard set of hotel rooms-bathroom, TV, refrigerator, furniture. There are hotels with hotel rooms, equipped with the latest technology, with excellent finishes, expensive furniture, high-end appliances, Internet. Many hotels have restaurants, saunas, gyms.

Among the many hotels you can choose:

  • 1. Two-Star — clean, everything you need is there, but somewhere something will be wrong-cleaning every day, or refrigerator noises, or bed broken-all possible shortcomings are covered by the low price.
  • 2. Three-star — often the rooms have a private balcony, bathroom, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, and sometimes a Minibar. In this class of hotels there are also conference rooms, beauty salons, shops, bars and restaurants. For an additional fee, guests can visit the local fitness club or beauty salon, as well as a safe for valuables and documents.

Hotels in Montenegro

  • 3. Four-star hotels offer a wide range of rooms of different classes — including presidential and private villas with swimming pool and patio. Most often, hotels of this rank have their own beaches, equipped with playgrounds, there are free sun beds and umbrellas. The rooms have air conditioning, satellite TV, safe, Internet, telephone, Hairdryer, mini-bar.
  • 4. Five-star Montenegrin hotels are usually located in picturesque places, in proximity to various attractions. They are designed to allow you to spend all your time here — well-trained staff, rooms for various celebrations and seminars, beauty salons, Spa clubs with different types of saunas, children's centers and nurseries, heated outdoor pools and swimming pools located in the hotel building, car rental, bars, cafes, restaurants, Nightclubs and shops. But such hotels in Montenegro can be counted on the fingers.

However, tourists are advised to ignore the stars of hotels and make their choice based on the list of services provided by the hotel, reviews of Montenegro tourists, the type of beach and distance from it. 

Montenegro is also very popular accommodation in the Villa. As a rule, these are newly built 3-5-storey buildings, which do not have an adjacent territory, with standard rooms and apartments equipped with air conditioning and everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Almost all villas offer Breakfast-based meals.