Holidays to Montenegro

Vacations in Montenegro: how to organize and what to do yourself?

Holidays to Montenegro

A large quantity of tourists every year for the holidays choose package holidays to Montenegro. Tourists to this country attracted by untouched nature, mild climate, clean beaches, national color and various leisure activities.


How to organize your holidays to Montenegro?


Rich culture


  • The country houses a huge number of valuable archaeological artifacts, monuments, literature, works of art that can tell the story of the development of the cultural environment.
  • The greatest number of preserved architectural monuments there is in the area of the Bay of Kotor, the best example is Kotor, which is included in the UNESCO List of world cultural heritage.
  • Throughout the coast there is a large number of religious buildings and masterpieces, for example, the Orthodox monastery of Savina. Near the lake of Skadar is the complex of monasteries from the time when the rules of the dynasty of Baltica.
  • In Cetinje, in the past, the country's capital, fully preserved its historical character and the city is considered a Museum under the open sky. There is Cetinje monastery complex and the residence of Negocia.


 The rich culture of Montenegro


The unique climate


In relation to climate, country diversity, which is a consequence of its geographical position, as well as a pronounced vertical irregularity, in the small area. The climate is changeable, it can be mild on the Adriatic coast, to moderate continental in the highlands. The heat of the summer, almost no rain. In an average year, 240 days of sunshine. The swimming season from may to November.


Virgin nature


Montenegro is known not one of his nature, high quality of rest, it is budget tours are available to many tourists. Loving the peace and solitude, beautiful nature, families with children will be happy in this country.

 Nature of Montenegro

In the travel world about the country they say a lot. Some say that in Montenegro a quiet holiday, suitable for couples and tourists of older age. And someone assures that Nightclubs, bars and discos of the country is unmatched, confirming what luxury holidays to Montenegro.


What is the truth?


Fame to this country came because of its beaches. And it's no wonder, as the country has over a hundred beaches which are admired for their purity and picturesqueness. This country was created for landscape painters, scenic views are not enough one thousand paintings.


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