Aleksey Nikulin

Food in Montenegro

Montenegro is famous for its gastronomic variety - it's a fact. Walking along the embankment of the Slavic beach on the day of arrival to the country, I liked the restaurant Obala, it is at the very beginning of the waterfront, so if you want to visit it, you will quickly find it. It was evening, we ordered pizza and house wine Vranac, which was brought in a jar, and as necessary, the waiter used to fill it with us. Noise surf, candles, music, agree, sounds? The next day we visited the neighboring restaurant "Tropico", and sat straight on the beach. Ordering a fish soup, they brought us a whole basket of fresh tasty bread for free, which was a nice bonus. In general, the menu is large: soups, risotto, pizza, pasta, steaks. After such a dinner, I guarantee you a good mood for the rest of the day! In addition to wines, try alcohol from alcoholic beverages. Nikshichko and rakia are a strong drink made from fruits. In the morning we walked to the Old Town, went to the atmospheric place of "Stara Budva" (it is at the entrance to the city) and ordered a cup of coffee. Naturally, the country is famous for its wine and proshot. Wonderful wine, less than two euros Plantaze "Moje vino" and prosciut (this jerky meat) in vacuum packing or by weight we found in the MegaMarket, grabbing another jar of olives and a fresh baguette (they will not be superfluous), and a good evening was is provided. In general, Montenegro is popular with its meat dishes, as well as seafood. Try fresh oysters, mussels, thick soup chorba (fish or meat), Montenegrin sausages-chevapchichi, Negush steak, shredded meat (cutlet with vegetables), lamb on coals. But dairy products are not inferior. Try a popular cream cream - cheese kaimak and Negush cheese. From desserts I liked tiramisu, pancakes with a platinum, a cream salad with whipped cream, and of course a cheesecake, and if you add a latte and a view of the sea, it will be unforgettable! Try it, you will like it too.

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