Features of shopping in Montenegro

Most tourists come to Montenegro for the warm sea, clean beaches and sightseeing, and not for shopping. However, with proper planning, some travelers have time to devote time even to shopping. In this article you will learn about the features of shopping in Montenegro and decide whether you need it.

Buying clothes

Buying clothes


Montenegro is located next to Italy - a country of high fashion and quality products. Italian manufacturers of clothing, leather goods and shoes actively deliver their products to Montenegrin towns.

They not only bring all the new collections here, but also sell them at reduced prices. In Montenegrin stores, Italian products are about 20% cheaper than at home. 

When shopping in Montenegro, you can find a good dress for € 20, buy winter shoes for € 100 and indulge yourself with shoes for € 70. All products will have a decent Italian quality and will last more than one year.

 Reviews of shopping in Montenegro indicate that in this country you can buy cheap children's clothing. Things here are about 20% cheaper than in Russia. The same goes for toys and other goods for children.

Shopping centers and clothing stores

Shopping centers and clothing stores


Budva , the center of the resort and nightlife of the country, is excellent for shopping in Montenegro . Not surprisingly, this resort is a large shopping center TQ Plaza. In 5 minutes it can be reached from most of the city’s beaches. The mall is mainly represented by European network brands.

While shopping in Budva in Montenegro, you can walk along Mediteranskaya street. It focuses on the main outlets. Most of them are boutiques of clothes and shoes from Italy and France. They sell current and last year's collections. Old things are sold at a reduced cost. With the arrival of summer and the increase in the number of tourists rates increase.

Shopping in Montenegro in Podgorica is considered even more profitable than in Budva. In the capital, 3 large shopping centers are working at once: Mall of Montenegro, Palada and Delta City. The first is considered an outlet, discounts are arranged all year round. During the winter and summer sales rates for clothes fall to 90%.

Reviews of shopping in Bar in Montenegro are positive because of its economy. Since the city is located near the border with Italy, the owners of local boutiques cooperate with global brands directly. The Italian assortment goes on sale in the shops of the Bar many times faster than in the outlets of Budva and other cities.

In Bar in Montenegro there are also local clothing stores . Most Montenegrin designers specialize in the manufacture of products made of artificial leather and knitwear. To find the largest assortment, we recommend going to Vladimir Rolovich street. It also houses the main children's shops of the Bar in Montenegro .

The resort Bar is famous for its fur products, which are made in local factories. Prices are constantly changing. In the season of sales, tourists can buy a fur coat here twice cheaper than in Italy or Greece.

Purchase of wine and national products

Purchase of wine and national products


Montenegro is the birthplace of the famous Vranac wine, which has gained great popularity in other European countries. For the manufacture of its products, the manufacturer uses sweet grapes, which saturates the drink with a deep aroma and adds tartness to it.

The price of a standard Vranac wine is about 5 euro per bottle. There are more elite varieties with long exposure. Vranac Premium, for example, is significantly more expensive.

Tourists love to bring Krstac wine from Montenegro, which has no analogues in the world. This variety tried to produce in other countries, but to no avail. Krstac wine is sold at a reasonable price of 5-8 euros.

A special place among Montenegrin gastronomic souvenirs is occupied by olives and olive oil. Goat cheese is no less popular. Tourists also love to bring home Montenegrin felted carp with them.




Products for self-preparation is better to purchase in online stores. But for the purchase of wine and other souvenirs should go to the market. Shopping in Montenegro at below-average prices on the market will not succeed, but in front of you will open a huge assortment of fresh products.

Many reviews about shopping in Budva in Montenegro are dedicated to the famous “Green Market”. On it you will find all national products and any varieties of wine products.

The largest metropolitan markets are located at the malls. The largest is located in the aforementioned shopping center Mall of Montenegro. For shopping in Podgorica in Montenegro, you can also choose the shopping center Bazar, which has its own grocery market.

The main market of the Bar is called Topolitsa. It is located near the center of the resort. In addition to alcoholic beverages and food at Topolitsa, you can buy souvenirs with Montenegrin symbolism. 

It is important for foreign tourists to know that it is possible and necessary to bargain in the markets of Montenegro. This is the only way you can buy the desired products at a more or less fair price.