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Housing in Montenegro


Housing in MontenegroDo you begin to plan the rest in Montenegro? Don't miss the main moments. The first with what needs to be begun is to choose necessary housing in the pleasant resort town.

The Adriatic coast the excellent vacation spot with family. Here very comfortable climate, warm sea and the most beautiful landscapes.

There will be enough knowledge of the English, Russian and Serbian languages that without special problems to rent necessary housing and it is interesting to spend a vacation. The best options of rest in Montenegro will offer resort towns: Kotor, Herceg-Novi, Petrovats, Budva and Saint Stephen (the amazing place for the memorable holiday).


What influences housing cost


Being engaged in selection of comfortable housing it is necessary to consider that final cost is influenced by some factors. When pricing consider prestigiousness of the chosen resort, then – remoteness from a shore, the sizes of the leased housing and of course a season. It will significantly influence final cost.

Peak of a season time from June till beginning of September is considered. During this period the prices raise considerably. From October to May – a low season, during this period the cost of rent falls strongly and it is possible to think of long-term renting.

How to find accommodation in Montenegro in peak season

High season. On the Adriatic coast in June, July, August and in the middle of September there is very warm and sunny weather. It promotes big influx of the having a rest guests therefore comfortable and affordable housing is in great demand. It is very difficult to find the worthy place for long term at the affordable price. Usually everything is given by the day. To avoid excess vanity and not to miss favorable option, it is better to reserve in advance pleasant housing. During "a hot season" you can face that about 90% of all country houses, hotels and private houses will be already occupied.

During a low season other picture is characteristic absolutely. Those apartments which in summertime are leased by the day are preferred to be rented for a long time now. If to remove housing for a while from October to May, with guarantee will offer you the maximum discount.

In this country the following types of accommodation have popularity: hotels, private houses, country houses, apartments, apartments and rooms.


Hotels and mini - hotels in Montenegro


Hotel service is in Montenegro at the high level. 3 main regions are for the sea in demand: Lordly Riviera, Boko-Kotorsky gulf and Budvansky Riviera. In this segment are very popular mini - hotels of family type. Here everything is created for your cosiness and quiet rest. There is a big set of fashionable and comfortable hotels and hotels. The approximate cost of hotel (3 stars) will be from 70 euros to 200 euros. We will tell about some complexes in more detail.

Rivijera Hotel (4 stars)

Budvansky Riviera is a congestion of small towns and settlements on the seashore. Prevails pebble and sand beaches with a set of noisy entertainments.

In Budva's center very big hotel complex of this area - Slovenska Plaza which consists of 11 small hotels registered in style of a bungalow is located. Level of service of a complex – 3 stars. The remoteness from the azure sea is 50 meters. Infrastructure of hotel is very well developed and will be able to satisfy the most exacting guest. In the territory there are cozy cafes, fashionable restaurants and places for fast having a snack. In souvenir little shops the smart choice of various souvenirs. For active recreation there are volleyball and soccer fields, special zones for safe rest with children. The territory aqua of a zone includes a set of waterslides with various levels of complexity and the children's territory for carrying out animation programs. The hotel is suitable for youth rest.

Rivijera Hotel (4 stars) is one of the best places Budvanska Rivyery. Here will offer you a wide range of service and additional services. The hotel consists their two cases which are in a park zone. All hotel complex is surrounded with a pinery, harmonious cypresses and sprawling palm trees. The hotel has amazing beaches in the form of a lagoon with reddish sand. There are comfortable rooms, and in everyone a small surprise in the form of a small bottle of overseas wine. Restaurants offer abundance of tasty delicacies, and versatile rest will carry away each tourist. Guests of hotel will be able to enjoy quiet family rest in soft climate.

 On coast of the Boko-Kotorsky gulf cozy small towns densely settled down: Risan, Kindness and Perast.

Riviera Resort Hotel (3 stars)

 The smart hotel Forza Mare (5 stars) is in the town Kindness on the first line of the picturesque Kotorsky gulf. Numbers have the stylized interior in the African, Indian and Japanese styles. It will be offered to guests improving and a Spa centers, outdoor pools which are equipped with water heating. For the preparation found by the menu, cooks use exclusively fresh products. Also in the territory of hotel offer diverse entertainments: pedestrian excursions, walks to a canoe, diving, windsurfing.


Gertsegnovsky Riviera and violent greens call the garden city for a variety of bright colors.


Riviera Resort Hotel (3 stars) - is close at the beach in the gulf Herceg-Novi. It is a surprising corner of Montenegro with the fine nature and the purest air. The hotel consists of three cases. Has the pebble beach with soft descent in the sea. In hotel the set of restaurants, bars and aqua a zone is located. For rest with children are provided: playground, animators and services of the nurse.

Lordly Riviera has no such popularity at tourists as the previous regions. But exactly here it is possible to merge with the nature in its silence and beauty.

Private sector (kuca)


Private sector (kuca) of MontenegroAt locals it is accepted to build houses to several floors with a set of rooms of the different sizes which will surrender then to tourists. Depending on the size of the room and its filling the price will be formed. For rest on sea resorts by the most budgetary there will be housing in the private sector. Such option allows to rent the whole house for big family or only one floor for 3-4 people. Removing one floor of the house, to you it is guaranteed will offer all amenities and a separate exit to the yard. It is very convenient option as guests will be able always to ask the interesting questions hosts. It isn't difficult to find such housing. In coastal towns, almost on each house the announcement of housing commissioning weighs. The approximate cost of night in the private sector will cost 25 euros.


Housing of a class – a suite (villa)


Montenegro villas for touristsIf you were tired of vanity and populous crowd, then the following option for you! Judges of a privacy and quiet atmosphere need to lodge on a country country house. Here it is possible to plunge into quiet rest in an environment of the fine nature. On the Adriatic coast it is accepted to lease country houses near the sea (the first line). In especially picturesque places, from survey windows, smart landscapes on sea blue and the massif open. On country country houses it is comfortable to have a rest the big companies or several families as there is a set of bedrooms, a zone for cooking, the pool, a garage on several cars. Country houses in Montenegro are executed in the Mediterranean style that is perfectly combined with general views and dispose to a relax. The most popular and expensive country houses are in Budvanskaya and Gertsegnovska Rivyerakh. The prices of such rest start from 250 euros a day. Excellent option to remove housing in Budva. Here the huge choice of smart country houses which are in the prestigious settlements of Milocher, Sveti-Stefan and Petrovats. These are one of the coziest settlements of the coast. All territory is surrounded by the massif and olive groves.


Apartments and studio - apartments (apartman), (studioapartman)


Apartments in Montenegro Apartments in Montenegro represent the block from several rooms. Here you are waited by fresh, modern repair with necessary household appliances and furniture. Usually apartments are on the first floor and have own exit to a verandah. In existence there are several bedrooms, a zone for cooking, souls and other necessary conveniences. From 4 to 12 people can lodge in such apartments. The prices are rather high therefore it is better to be engaged in reservation even in the winter.

It is possible to choose apartments on the taste. Their range on the sea coast is huge. Such type of accommodation in the Kotorsky bay enjoys special popularity. Why exactly here? Coast of the Kotorsky bay dazzle with beautiful structures in an environment of evergreen coniferous trees. Here you receive the purest air in combination with turquoise shades of the gulf. Water in the gulf warm as gets warm much quicker therefore it is possible to open a beach season much earlier, than in the Adriatic Sea. Flat descent has for rest with children. Apartments in the small settlements of Prchan, Orakhovats, Muo, Kindness and Dzhenovichi will present unforgettable and quiet rest far from noise and vanity. Here mainly narrow beaches with well developed infrastructure. It is possible to lease plank beds and sunshades. On the coast there is a mass of comfortable cafes and small restaurants at which it is possible to take rest from day heat and to have a bite tasty. In the coastal territory walking tours on the boat in a picturesque Boko-Kotorsky bay are organized. The main plus of this coastal zone, the lack of a large number of vacationers is. The prices of apartments in the gulf begins from 25 euros in a night.

We will consider how the prices of apartments depending on a season change, as an example we will take the city of Budva:

  • April from 15 euros/days
  • May from 20 euros/days
  • June from 25 euros/days
  • July and August up to 120 euros/days
  • September from 25 euros/days.

Apartments and rooms (soba)


It is the most available option of housing. But at the low cost, you can receive it, quality of housing. At rent of the inexpensive apartment you receive a necessary minimum:

What are the apartments in Montenegro

  • not really new, but intact furniture;
  • refrigerator;
  • conditioner;
  • TV and Internet;
  • shower and toilet bowl;
  • if carries, then there will be a small balcony.



At once at the station will begin to offer you various options of cheap rooms and apartments. But you shouldn't hurry. Look at several options, study housing arrangement, its state and the number of places, and then choose. Approximate cost in the city of Budva will be from 10 euros to 45 euros. Depending on approach of a "hot" season the prices will raise from 25 euros to 65 euros for the room. It should be taken into account that at apartment renting for a month, you will be in addition given the bill for electricity and water. The bill can reach 100 euros.

The approximate prices on different types of housing

The most budgetary accommodation will cost 20 euros a day. For such cost, perhaps to rent apartment in the most remote area, with not the best conditions for accommodation.

It is possible to count on average housing, since a mark of 43 euros a day.

Good terms will be offered for cost from 72 euros a day.

Elite apartments "will please" with the prices from 360 euros.

Consider that the price depends on many factors and can seasonally change!


Reservation of housing


Before reserving housing, it is necessary to be defined in what region of the country, you want to spend days of rest. If the plans are rest on the coast, then it is necessary to choose among Budvansky, Boko-Kotorsky, Herceg-Novsky, Lordly and Ultsinska Riverakh. It is possible to remove housing in this country in several ways. There is a set of the agencies, the specialized websites, services with wide base of country houses, hotels, apartments in Russian and English.


How to remove housing without intermediaries?


Housing without intermediaries in MontenegroIf you know Serbian or English languages, then it is possible to reserve housing directly at owners. The average cost of apartments in Montenegro high, but it is possible to save if to rent housing without the third-party help. It is necessary to begin with the choice of the residence, by means of studying of electronic announcements on the specialized website. After you made the choice, surely sign the contract with the lessor and make an advance payment. The rest of the sum is brought after settling. Main advantages of such rent:

  • essential economy of means;
  • independent planning of the rest.


Don't forget to study responses on social networks. Real-life communication with people who visited Montenegro resorts can become more useful, than any information from brochures.


On the service announcements more than 2000 various options of versatile housing are placed. To use online reservation is the easiest and easy way to rent necessary apartments or hotel number. Filling out special columns in the electronic questionnaire, the system itself selects option, optimum for you. Also at once it is possible to study photos and to read the description and responses, there is a system of estimation of housing. There is an opportunity to reserve at once several hotels, and later to choose the best. Company services on reservation are carried out free of charge. The Booking service guarantees the bottom prices. If you on other resource find lower cost for the chosen number, inform the company. Service with pleasure will provide a discount. The service will exempt you from an additional waste of time and nerves.

Accommodation in Montenegro& booking hotelWe will talk about advantages of the Airbnb service. The huge choice of housing for every taste which can be rented at the owner. There is an opportunity to pick up the budgetary options in remote towns. You shouldn't forget that the system takes 11% of the commission from each transaction. Payment for services happens in the website. The owner of apartments will receive the transferred funds in couple of days after your settling. It gives a guarantee for carrying out the honest transaction! At emergence of force majeur circumstances (cancellation of a trip or the reserved apartment doesn't meet the stated requirements), it is necessary to address on service at once. Then Airbnb returns means or quickly offers new housing.


Tourist tax


In Montenegro there is such concept as a tourist tax. At the choice of leased housing, it is necessary to specify whether is included this collecting in the price or it needs to be paid separately. The amount of a mandatory fee depends on the region in which there is an apartment. Can make from 0,8 to 1 euros a day from one person. If you stop in hotels, then usually this collecting is already included numbers in final cost.


Several councils at rent of housing

  • 1. Treat more simply housing renting. Remember that you come to the sea resort. The most part of time you awake to spend on the beach or to attend excursions and sights.
  • 2. It isn't obligatory to look for the apartment overlooking the sea, it is possible to save on it significantly.
  • 3. Before rent of apartments ask all questions interesting you to avoid unpleasant surprises further.
  • 4. Don't hesitate, you ask a discount.
  • 5. Real economy will be brought earlier by reservation. Planning the holiday in advance, you get several advantages: lower prices, a wide choice of necessary housing, and the down payment gives a guarantee that "tidbit" won't be taken away from under a nose.


On what option of housing your choice wouldn't stop, rest, certainly, will take place on five points. Because Montenegro is a beautiful country with the surprising nature, the sapphire sea and the cleanest beaches. The hospitality of locals and high level of service will leave excellent memoirs for many years. It is should love the blossoming and solar country.
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