Sightseeing tour of Montenegro or benefits of winter acquaintance with the country

Montenegro city tour or winter trip

Sightseeing tour of Montenegro or benefits of winter acquaintance with the country

Like many other countries, aimed at influx of tourists in the season, Montenegro becomes especially hospitable in the months when the flow of guests is significantly reduced. Excursions in Montenegro in winter will allow you to get acquainted with the main historical, natural and cultural attractions of this beautiful country with a minimum budget.

Montenegro is a small country. In whatever city you stay, visiting the main sights will not take much energy, money and time. Even a full individual sightseeing tour of Montenegro with a Russian-speaking guide will take no more than 2-3 days (provided that you do not plan to visit neighboring countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia).

What to see in Motenegro in winter

The most popular sightseeing in Montenegro

The nature of Montenegro is an impressive combination of mountains with picturesque valleys and a magnificent Mediterranean coast, giving the country a mild climate even in winter. In the coastal regions, the temperature in January rarely falls below + 8- + 3 ° C. Therefore, you can safely recommend visiting the Bay of Kotor or a more extensive sightseeing tour of the Boka Kotorska Bay. According to many travelers, this place is the most picturesque in the Adriatic. If you are going on a sea voyage, it is better to specify the weather and pick up comfortable clothes. Also in Kotor, according to reviews of the tour in Montenegro, we feel obliged to visit the ascent to the highest point of the old fortress.

Monastery Ostrog in Montenegro i winter

Even if you are far from Christianity, we recommend a trip to the main shrine of Montenegro - Ostrog Monastery. The location at an altitude of about 900 meters above sea level and the original architecture of the building make it one of the most important cultural and historical monuments of Montenegro, without visiting which you will not be able to understand this country. Excursions from Budva will cost a few euros per person.

Speaking about natural sights, we will single out a visit to the canyons of the north of Montenegro. In contrast to excursions to Kotor, when visiting the Tara River basin it is worth to dress warmer - the climate here is somewhat more severe.

Whatever your interests, and no matter how many times you have not visited Montenegro, we will always find a suitable tour at the best possible price.