Budva prices

What are the prices in Budva?

Budva prices

Budva is the most lively and noisy resort of Montenegro. Because of the high attendance of this place, prices here are too high. In this article we will talk about the cost of basic services and goods in Budva.


What do prices depend on?

Budva's prices rise sharply with the arrival of summer, when the main tourist stream comes to Montenegro. This trend is especially strong in July and August.

In the hot season in the Montenegrin resort, everything rises in price: from daily rent of apartments and ending with lunches in local restaurants.

May and September rates delight tourists much more, therefore economical travelers choose these months to visit Budva.

The lowest rates are seen here in the period from October to April. This is due to the almost total lack of tourists. In the low season, prices are focused exclusively on local residents.



Housing prices in BudvaThe cost of a hotel in Budva depends on its starry, remoteness from the sea, infrastructure, and also the type of rooms.

The cost of double accommodation in most 3-4-star Budva hotels ranges from 60-100 € to 200 € in high season. This price also includes meals, daily room cleaning, laundry services and other amenities.

Small guest houses are more suitable for budgetary rest. The price per night in them starts from 15 € and ends at 25 € for two.

In Budva, apartments are extremely popular. They are always well equipped and are in close proximity to the sea. In April, standard apartments can be rented for 15 € per day, in July - at least 40 €. In August, the rental price reaches a peak of 100-120 €. In September, it again drops to 25 €.

In low season, apartments are rented mainly for long periods: from several months to six months. The cost of the month of rent is in the range of 250-500 €. This price sometimes includes utility bills. If this is not the case, for the use of electricity, water and the Internet will have to pay about 100 € per month.

Accommodation is easiest to rent on the site Booking.com. On it you can find the most budgeted accommodation options in Budva at a price of 15 € per day. If you are going to go to the resort in July or August, the place of residence should be booked as soon as possible.



Rent a car in Budva is beneficial for those who are constantly moving around the country and travels for long distances (200-300 km). A rented car can be an excellent means of transportation for families and large companies.

Private car owners and specialized companies of Budva prefer to give out cars for a long time. Renting a car for a day, you pay for it 30-50 €, for a week - for 25 € daily. In low season, the rental price of cars falls to 10-20 €.


Public transport

TPrices of transport in Budvahe bus connection between Budva and other cities of Montenegro is at a high level: transport is equipped with comfort for passengers, and flights are sent regularly and without delays.

The journey from Budva to Becici or Rafailovici will cost 1-1,5 €, to Sveti Stefan (by water transport) - 2,5 €, to Kotor - 3-3,5 €, to Herceg Novi, Podgorica or Bar - 5 €, to the resort of Ulcinj - 7-7,5 €.

The prices for long-distance transport in Budva are very dependent on the season. Their price is most often determined by a particular transport company. Some tourists claim that it is cheaper to buy tickets for buses not at the ticket office, but at the driver when boarding the cabin. It is important to understand that there may not be any vacant seats.


Public catering establishments

The lowest prices in Budva are installed in cafes and restaurants for local residents. In high season, a full dish of fish in them costs about 12,5 €, pizza of standard sizes - 5,5 €, traditional Montenegrin shovel - 1,5 €, mussels - 3,9 €. Bread is always served along with the main course and is included in the bill.

Tourist institutions have higher rates. The cost of mussels in them rises to 10 € per serving, the price of an average hamburger with meat is 3 €, and a small pancake with a filling costs 2 €.

The most expensive dishes are served in restaurants near the Budva embankment, in the Old Town and the main attractions of the resort.



Vegetables and fruit in Budva is most advantageous to buy in network supermarkets, and not in local markets. Sellers in the markets like to boast that their products are delivered to the counter straight from the garden, although in reality this is not the case.

The most budgetary grocery stores in Budva are the supermarkets of Mega Market. They always have fresh bakery products, fermented milk products, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits and even berries.

Only inexperienced tourists are bought at Budva's markets. Local residents buy everything they need in supermarkets or go for big shopping in Podgorica - a less popular tourist city with more affordable prices.

Prices for food in Budva