Resorts in Montenegro: the advantages and subtleties of choice.

Resorts in Montenegro: the advantages and subtleties of choice.

Resorts in Montenegro: the advantages and subtleties of choice.

Montenegro is the Romance name of the native Slavic country of Montenegro. It is quite compact and invariably friendly to all travelers. Ski resorts in Montenegro are popular among fans to rest in a budget and environmentally friendly manner. And the similarity between Montenegro and the Crimea makes the country so recognizable and pleasant.

Sandy resorts of Montenegro are chosen by tourists who appreciate a relaxing holiday in the embrace of nature. Travelers in this country will be satisfied with lovers of peace and quiet, couples with children and people who know how to save money. After all, prices in Montenegro are very democratic! A good rest can and lovers of sunbathing without clothes: there are nudist beaches and coastal complexes. The advantages of rest at the resorts of Montenegro will be undoubtedly appreciated by everyone!


The best resorts in Montenegro:

  • Budva is the most popular Montenegrin resort. A wide choice of excursions will not leave indifferent. The town has a wide range of restaurants, cafes, entertainment complexes, souvenir shops. Be sure to visit the historical part of Budva. Medieval streets, cozy restaurants and a chic fortress are amazing. The sandy and pebbled beaches of Mogren conquer you with their rocks and pure high waves;
    Old streets in Budva resort


  • Kotor is a small town with an Italian fleur. It is famous for a huge number of churches, as well as a massive wall-fortress. In Kotor, almost all Italian products are very tasty;


  • Herceg Novi is a small, famous for its nature resort of Montenegro. The city stretches on the slope of the mountain, the streets are narrow and intricate. Located far from the excursion routes, Herceg Novi has a special comfort. Loyal prices will please the fans of shopping. Here you can buy Italian-quality clothes and other goods;
    Herceg-Novi resort in Montenegro


  • Zhoblyak and Kolasin - ski resorts of Montenegro. They are famous for their mild climate and picturesque landscapes. The prices very favorably distinguish these places from similar resorts of other countries. In addition to skiing, here you can enjoy excursions. The developed infrastructure offers skiing, snowboarding, high-strength cable cars.