Montenegro schedule

When does Montenegro Wake up?

Montenegro schedule

In the country of black mountains green color reigns. Green valleys, green mountains and hills — everywhere fragrant lush flora of the South. Nature Montenegro is sometimes compared with Switzerland — the same clean lakes, mountain rivers with waterfalls, pristine beauty of wildlife.

The first in the country begins to work transport infrastructure, and from 9 am open shops.


Shopping and souvenirs on holiday in Montenegro

Shops in Montenegro — from 9 to 21 hours, food-from 6 to 21 hours. Many shops in Montenegro (and even pharmacies) are closed during the day. Usually break from 13 to 17 hours, but can be from 13 to 16, and from 12 to 17. 

During the summer holiday season, some grocery stores are open until 23-24 hours.


Schedule of buses and trains in Montenegro

Train schedule in MontenegroTravel around Montenegro is inexpensive and very convenient by rail. In Google maps you will find the railway station you need. Also, you will be useful online-service of railway transport in Montenegro, whereyou can find out in advance the schedule of trains and prices for train tickets. Knowing in advance the cost of tickets and the actual train schedule, travel to Montenegro will be much easier and more peaceful. 

A ticket for the trip by rail must be purchased at the ticket office of the railway station. If you get on the train along the route of its route at a small station where there is no cash, then you can pay the farealready in the train at the conductor. The controller-conductor of the train checks the availability of tickets for passengers and accepts payment for passengers from intermediate stations. You need to name thestation where you got on the train, as well as your final station where you plan to leave. Based on the current prices, the conductor will write you a ticket, which we recommend to keep on all the way of yourtrain, as it can be re-checked.

Just a few euros by rail you can always get from Podgorica to many cities and towns of Montenegro on the routes:

  • Podgorica — Bar;
  • Podgorica-Niksic;
  • Podgorica-Bijelo Pole.

And if the information about trains can be found on the Internet, the buses can only be found directly at the station. There are still local buses in Montenegro, they have their own stops, they do not go to the bus station, but to use them very useful and cheap. Montenegro is such a small country that it is easy for one day to travel around half the country by bus for some 2-5 euros. And yet, in addition to the departure from the bus stations strictly on schedule, any bus you can easily slow down on the way of your walking.


Ferry transfer to Tivat

You can shorten the way on the only ferry in the country, which is located in the Bay of Kotor. This place is very picturesque and requires a separate tour. For those traveling from Budva to Herceg Novi and back, it allows you to save up to 30 km distance.

Ferry service


During the day (05:00–00:00) ferries run constantly.

At night (from midnight to five o'clock in the morning) during the whole tourism season (from may to October) buses run constantly, and the rest of the year on schedule:

  • Kamenari — from 00:05 to 04:05 every hour.
  • Lepetani — from 00:35 to 04:35 every hour.

During the week, often during peak hours (8-10 hours and 16-18 hours), ferries depart as soon as they are filled. At normal times, even if the water structure is half full, it can wait no more than 15 minutes and still go.

Tickets can be purchased in the kiosk on the jetty before loading onto the ferry. When buying you will be given a cash receipt and the ticket itself. When you call on the ferry, give the ticket to the controller. He will tear off the spine and indicate your place on the ferry.