Insurance to Montenegro   To choose the tourist's insurance to Montenegro at the same time simply and hard. The first what it is necessary to decide on – for what purposes it is necessary to make out an insurance? There are three purposes: To receive medical care; For tranquility; Just for the sake of formality.   The best insurance to Montenegro   There...


  Air tickets to Montenegro   It is possible to reach Montenegro by different ways, however the most popular and reliable is air flight. Most of tourists appreciate this option thanks to considerable saving of time and nerves. Besides, it is possible to acquire favourably tickets that will become an additional bonus and will keep many own means. At the same time it is important to...


Like all tourists, we try to save on movement during the rest. How best to get from the airport to the hotel or the villa? The way of moving largely depends not on the thickness of the purse, but on the number of vacationers. So for a family of two people who like active recreation it is more reasonable to take a car directly at the airport for rent, through any of the rental...