Montenegro: Durmitor park, Zhablyak ski resort

Durmitor park   For fresh-air fiends in an environment of the woods and mountains, an unforgettable opportunity is represented, to visit one of Montenegro sights – the Durmitor park. The national park, is the natural reserve which was located on the area about 390 m ². To examine all park in one day it won't turn out. Therefore it is better to allocate at once several days which...

Montenegro: Dzhurzhevich Bridge, Tara River canyon

Dzhurzhevich Bridge   Montenegro – the amazing country which can offer many-sided rest. They say that sea resorts it only sea, sun, beach and quiet rest, but it not absolutely so. For fans of active pastime Montenegro offers smart excursions to the best places created by the nature.   Tara River canyon   One of the most picturesque places in Montenegro can be seen in...

Montenegro: Budva, the dancer from Budva - most popular sight of Budva

The dancer from Budva   The city of Budva is a tourist center of Montenegro. The raging life doesn't stop here for a second. Each tourist will be able to find entertainments on the taste in this city: night discos, cafe and restaurants, platforms for tennis and soccer, comfortable beaches, and also surprising sights and architecture.   The most popular sight of Budva   One of...